From Las Vegas, we headed to the Grand Canyon, stopping at Hoover Dam. To be honest, I was not thrilled with this. Probably worth a visit again to get an idea of ​​this building. In this case, be sure to view the dam from the bridge (free parking near the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge), and also take a walk around the dam itself (parking is free in Arizona, where I advise you to go).

It takes about 4 hours from the dam to the Grand Canyon. Entrance to the national park. The huge canyon consists of two parts - southern and northern. We were in the southern part. Most of the tourists come here, as this territory is more comfortable and civilized. It is amazing that the base of the canyon, its oldest part, began to form 5-6 million years ago! About 4000 years ago, the first people began to live permanently near the canyon, as archaeologists learned about from the figurines found on the branches. For the next several thousand years, various Native American tribes lived in and around the canyon. Most interestingly, eleven tribes traditionally associated with the canyon still live here or use the canyon for trade, collecting plants and minerals, and for ritual purposes.


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