It was very difficult to choose the places that we definitely wanted to visit, because there are so many of them and they are all so beautiful that even almost a whole month of our trip was not enough. I chose so as to see the most interesting, in my opinion, cities and certainly nature, because it is delightful here. This is how our route turned out for 24 days:
 New York - Chicago - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon - Horseshoe Bend - Antelope Canyon X - Navajo Bridge - Lees Ferry - Los Angeles - Malibu - Santa Barbara - Cayucos State Beach - Moonstone Beach - Elephant Seal Vista Point - McWay Falls - Bixby Creek Bridge - 17 Mile Road - San Francisco - New York
New York

So, at the beginning of September, we landed in one of the most popular cities in the world. We flew on a direct flight (8.5 hours) from Berlin by United Airlines. The flight was comfortable - with food, pillow, headphones and movies. I chose Brooklyn for housing. It took 30-40 minutes to get to Manhattan Read more..


After Manhattan, downtown Chicago felt very clean, small, cute and homey. There are not many people who are not in such a hurry, fewer tourists. Old overground metro and lampposts against the backdrop of skyscrapers Read more..

Las Vegas

Each hotel tries its best to attract the attention of visitors - architecture, luxury, shopping, bright lights and all kinds of entertainment and shows. So, you know for sure about the dancing fountain at the Bellagio hotel. By the way, be sure to watch a couple of music shows. Read more..


From Las Vegas we went to the Grand Canyon with a stop at Hoover Dam. To be honest, I was not very impressed with it. Probably, it's still worth a visit once so that you have your own impression of this building. In this case, be sure to look at the dam from the bridge. Read more..

Los Angeles

What struck me most in the city was the view of Los Angeles at night from the Griffith Observatory. It's great to come here before sunset to see the city in different colors. The entrance to the observatory is free, you can walk through its halls and look at other planets through telescopes. We have seen Mars and Jupiter. Just keep in mind that parking is very difficult here, so either arrive early or use the shuttle.

The Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, and the Oscar-winning Dolby Theater didn't impress me much, but it would be strange not to see it all, since you're already here. Parking in this area is very expensive, the cheapest we could find was $ 10 an hour (although we actually stood for 15 minutes). Los Angeles also has Venice Canals, an unusual oceanfront neighborhood built on Venetian-style canals. Be sure to check out Abbot Kinney Boulevard next to it. This is a very atmospheric street with local shops and various establishments. It houses the Blue Bottle Coffee and Salt and Straw ice cream, which is popular with the locals. From here, make your way to the Venice Beach Boardwalk, a long road that runs along the entire beach. The famous tall palm trees grow here, there is a skate park and a very cool vibe in general. And if you wish, come here for a day to swim. We did just that.

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We drove through Malibu and climbed to Cape Dume - there are beautiful views and seals. By the way, here in the Marvel Universe is the home of Tony Stark. Nearby is the El Matador state beach, a beautiful beach with interesting long-haired birds that inhabit it.

Santa Barbara - We chose this station because of the famous TV series. The town is very beautiful: you can look into the courthouse with a beautiful interior and a free observation deck, go to the old wooden pier of Stearns Wharf and take a walk in Shoreline Park with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Cayucos State Beach is a long beautiful beach and a wooden pier stretching far out into the ocean, while Moonstone Beach is the beach that the locals told us about. Its peculiarity is that moonstones can be found here.

McWay Falls is a waterfall that practically falls into the ocean. Tip: you can call and park in the parking lot for an additional fee, or you can drive a little and stop by the road for free next to other tourists.

Bixby Creek Bridge is the most famous point on the road, so many take a trip. The observation deck is located after crossing the bridge. I advise you to look at it from both sides of the road. Photos are best taken from the raised side with the bridge on your right. Very good!

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