New York

The first impression is that New York is simply amazing. The scale of the city is completely different than in normal Europe (so spend more time transporting and moving between attractions). Huge skyscrapers, with a long view of which the neck begins to ache, endless streams of fast-moving people, always chewing something and rushing to work. The same number of tourists, on the other hand, are in no hurry and just stand out because they are the only ones looking up and taking photos of everything.

In New York, we just wanted to wander the streets, watching people and their routines. Therefore, we knew in advance that we would leave the museums for some future visit, and this time we will try to feel the atmosphere of the city. New York is also very different in Manhattan, but there are at least cool parts of Brooklyn and other areas that we didn’t get to this time.

Here is what I would definitely recommend in New York.

Stroll along Brooklyn Heights Boardwalk to Main Street Park at DUMBO and see the most beautiful views of Brooklyn Bridge. A photo from New York City that can be seen on almost every tourist who was in the city was taken on the Archway Under Manhattan Bridge. Remember, you have to get here very early if you don’t want a crowd of other people in the background.


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